Help Save Maryland Issues Call to Defend Trump

  • By Adam Pagnucco.

Help Save Maryland, a non-profit organization opposed to illegal immigration, sent out the following email on Friday, September 9 calling for its supporters to counter-protest an anti-Trump rally in the District.  Note the email’s overtly political message.  We will have more to say about this in an upcoming blog post.


Members of the Hispanic illegal immigrant community, bused in and fed by their pimp handlers from CASA of Maryland, National Council of La Raza (The Race), and other taxpayer subsidized “citizen hate groups”, are holding a rally in front of the new Trump Hotel in DC on Monday, September 12, from 12 noon – 4PM.  You can count on members of the DC City Council, always opposed to private sector investment and job creation, to be their as well.

Despite the fact the Trump Corporation has refurbished and remodeled the entire Old Post Building on 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, turning an eyesore into a new luxury hotel in record time and under budget, these groups are going to rally against the opening of this new landmark Trump Hotel.

I guess CASA and others were opposed to the many construction workers, Black, Hispanic and others who actually worked day and night on the project for over 1 year, rather than collect welfare, food stamps, free healthcare, housing and more like their illegal immigrant clientele.  Same opposition I suppose for the hundreds of minority workers who will run and maintain this new hotel.

The Anti-Trump Rally Facebook page says 600 people are signed up as attending.

Facebook link:

The Counter Protest, also from 12 noon- 4pm, will be to show our opposition to the illegal alien’s support for open borders, uncontrolled illegal immigration, and mass refugee resettlement.  We fully support legal immigration and private sector job creation.

If you can make it, we will be on the opposite side of Pennsylvania Ave., near the Fogo de Chao Restaurant.  Location is corner of 12th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW.  Short walk from the Metro Center Station – Red, Blue, Orange lines at Metro Center.

Bring signs, Gadsden flags (the illegals love them), US flags, banners, etc.  There will be some extra signs on site.

Contact person is:

Jim MacDonald

(917) 656-5658