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Mizeur is Getting Fired Up to Take On Harris

By Adam Pagnucco.

Former Delegate Heather Mizeur, who lives on the Eastern Shore, issued the following statement on Facebook this morning about Congressman Andy Harris.


As you know, the events of January 6th made me consider a challenge to Congressman Andy Harris for his role in the treasonous insurrection against our government. Rather than try to unify our nation after such an attack, he stoked the division by attempting to pick a fist fight with a colleague on the House floor later that night. Days later, he was cavalier about skipping the second Trump impeachment vote entirely. Then Harris announced he was breaking his promise on self-imposed term limits. Adding to his January resume of conduct unbecoming, he attempted yesterday to bring a gun on to the floor of the House of Representatives, where wounds are still raw from the violent siege we all witnessed in those hallowed halls. My community deserves better representation.

This behavior has stirred something deep within me. Yesterday’s episode was a tipping point, pushing me to think even harder about a run. I’ll have more to say in the coming days.

If this possibility excites you, please comment and make encouragements with that energy of love and joy in your heart. Make your action be about the positive we can do together. We can unseat Harris and bring dignified leadership to Maryland’s 1st District without serving our darker impulses to call names at his behavior. As Amanda Gorman so beautifully summoned us this week: See the light. Be the light. Brave must we be.


State Legislators Call on Harris to Resign

By Adam Pagnucco.

A group of state legislators including 13 State Senators and 71 Delegates has called on District 1 Congressman Andy Harris to resign. In a letter addressed to Harris, the legislators tell him, “You have for months joined in cynical, politically motivated attempts to undermine the legitimate, free, and fair election that selected Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. You have joined with those who have trafficked in lies and conspiracy theories, who have incited division and hate, in the furtherance of a political agenda.” They conclude, “You have done enough harm to our country and our state, Representative. It is time for you to go, and for a person who will serve Marylanders with honor to take your place.”

Every member of MoCo’s state delegation except for Senator Craig Zucker (D-14), Senator Susan Lee (D-16), Senator Cheryl Kagan (D-17), Senator Nancy King (D-39) and Delegate Kumar Barve (D-17) signed the letter.

The letter is reprinted below.


Representative Andrew P. Harris
Maryland’s 1st Congressional District
2334 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Representative Harris,

The foundational principle of our nation is democracy. The right of Americans to select their leaders is and should be inviolate. It is a right that all of us who serve in public office are sworn to uphold and protect in our oaths of office.

That oath is a sacred commitment to all Marylanders, and all Americans. It is an oath that requires us to support the democratic process in both words and actions. It is an oath that requires that we always put loyalty to our Constitution and our country above loyalty to any political party, candidate, or elected official.

Representative Harris, we believe that you have violated that oath. You have for months joined in cynical, politically motivated attempts to undermine the legitimate, free, and fair election that selected Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. You have joined with those who have trafficked in lies and conspiracy theories, who have incited division and hate, in the furtherance of a political agenda.

Our nation watched in horror on January 6th as a seditious mob, riled up and fueled by Donald Trump and his loyalists, assaulted the very seat of American democracy. As they tore into the marble halls that have been worn by the steps of our greatest leaders, the walls that have borne witness to our most profound national debates. As one of America’s most sacred spaces was desecrated, and as a member of the United States Capitol Police who was defending it was murdered.

These insurrectionists were motivated by the very rhetoric and disinformation that you and far too many of your colleagues have been trafficking in for months. Any student of the history of the United States knows that words have the power to move nations and citizens. Words like, “We the people.” Words also like, “Stand back, and stand by.”

Rather than recognizing that your words and behavior in office have damaged our democracy, have threatened our Constitution, and have undermined the nation you are sworn to, your response to the attack on our Capitol was to continue to use the same words and behavior. To vote with too many of your colleagues to undermine a free and fair election. To give comfort to the enemies of democracy within our borders and around the world.

We, the undersigned members of the Maryland General Assembly, believe that you have disgraced yourself, your state, and your country. We have heard from constituents who would like us to pass a resolution of censure against you. As our censure process is reserved for members of our body, we are not able to do so. But we add our voices to the chorus of your constituents who have called for you to resign.

You have done enough harm to our country and our state, Representative. It is time for you to go, and for a person who will serve Marylanders with honor to take your place.


Delegate Carol Krimm
Delegate Karen Lewis Young
Delegate Ken Kerr
Delegate Carl Jackson
Delegate Harry Bhandari
Delegate Benjamin Brooks
Senator Delores Kelley
Delegate Jon Cardin
Delegate Lisa Belcastro
Delegate Dana Stein
Senator Shelly Hettleman
Delegate Jessica Feldmark
Delegate Eric Ebersole
Delegate Terri Hill
Senator Clarence Lam
Delegate Shane Pendergrass
Delegate Jen Terrasa
Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary
Delegate Eric Luedtke
Delegate Pamela Queen
Delegate Anne Kaiser
Delegate Kathleen Dumais
Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo
Delegate Lily Qi
Senator Brian Feldman
Delegate Marc Korman
Delegate Sara Love
Delegate Ariana Kelly
Delegate Julie Palakovich-Carr
Delegate Jim Gilchrist
Delegate Emily Shetty
Delegate Al Carr
Delegate Jared Solomon
Senator Jeff Waldstreicher
Delegate Bonnie Cullison
Senator Benjamin Kramer
Delegate Vaughn Stewart
Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield
Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins
Delegate Lorig Charkoudian
Delegate David Moon
Senator Will Smith
Delegate Ben Barnes
Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk
Delegate Mary Lehman
Delegate Alonzo Washington
Delegate Nicole Williams
Senator Paul Pinsky
Delegate Marvin Holmes
Delegate Andrea Harrison
Delegate Jazz Lewis
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama
Delegate Michael Jackson
Delegate Edith Patterson
Delegate Debra Davis
Delegate Brian Crosby
Delegate Shaneka Henson
Delegate Dana Jones
Senator Sarah Elfreth
Delegate Mark Chang
Delegate Mike Rogers
Delegate Sandy Bartlett
Senator Pamela Beidle
Delegate Heather Bagnall
Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Gabriel Acevero
Delegate Lesley Lopez
Delegate Melissa Wells
Delegate Marlon Amprey
Delegate Michele Guyton
Delegate Regina T. Boyce
Delegate Maggie Mcintosh
Senator Mary Washington
Delegate Pat Young
Delegate Sheila Ruth
Senator Charles Sydnor
Delegate Stephanie Smith
Senator Cory McCray
Delegate Luke Clippinger
Delegate Brooke Lierman
Delegate Robbyn Lewis
Delegate Diana Fennell
Delegate Julian Ivey
Delegate Wanika Fisher


Mizeur Threatens to Run Against Harris

By Adam Pagnucco.

Former District 20 Delegate Heather Mizeur, who once represented Silver Spring and Takoma Park but now lives on the Eastern Shore, has told District 1 Congressman Andy Harris to resign or face a possible challenge. Mizeur wrote on Twitter, “You must resign immediately – or I will consider retiring you myself in 2022.”

Mizeur is a strong progressive who finished third in the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial primary. Harris’s district was gerrymandered to elect a Republican a decade ago but its boundaries could change in the coming redistricting. Harris made news by objecting to President-Elect Joe Biden’s electoral votes in Congress and nearly starting a brawl on the House floor.

Mizeur’s tweet appears below.


Harris Won’t Condemn QAnon

U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (MD 1) was among the 18 representatives who didn’t support a resolution condemning QAnon, a dangerous whackadoodle pro-Trump conspiracy theory. As the Washington Post explains:

QAnon, which took root on anonymous message boards in 2017, holds that Trump is battling a cabal of deep-state saboteurs who worship Satan and traffic children for sex.

The baseless worldview has been identified by the FBI as among the extremist views “very likely” to motivate violence. Its adherents, according to law enforcement, have been arrested in numerous incidents, including two murders, a kidnapping, vandalism of a church and a heavily armed standoff near the Hoover Dam.

Harris didn’t vote no, but instead chose to vote “present.” This makes him different but no less absolutely bonkers.


Andy Harris Votes to Increase Deficit $1.5 Trillion

Republican Rep. Andy Harris (MD 1) voted to allow tax cuts of $1.5 trillion dollars without requiring any offsetting spending, increasing the deficit and debt dramatically.

The proposal is particularly anti-Maryland as it would “doom the current deduction for state and local taxes,” which benefits Marylanders disproportionately, as it does residents in New York and New Jersey. Other tax deductions up for elimination that might spread the pain more evenly, such as the home mortgage interest deduction, or closing corporate loopholes, have been ruled out by tweet or as sacred cows. Nevertheless, unlike the bulk of Republicans from those states, Harris still voted yes.

Harris has undergone a Damascene conversion on the deficit and national debt since the Obama years:

His budget never solves the deficit problem, much less begins to pay down the exploding national debt we will leave to our grandchildren. . . . Once again, the House will have to take leadership on reining in the debt and deficit by proposing a budget that makes the tough choices that are necessary to head off a Greek-style federal bankruptcy.

Harris logic says that ballooning the debt by much less than the Republican budget is madness that will cause rack and ruin associated through “a Greek-style federal bankruptcy” when it’s proposed by Obama but not when Trump-Ryan want it.

Even leaving aside the unfunded giveaway to the wealthy that is done in a way that limits benefits to Marylanders, especially more middle-income residents who still deduct, the complete shift on the debt and importance of balancing the books shows the situational ethics and moral bankruptcy of Andy Harris–and the many other Republicans who said more or less the same thing.


Harris Goes Full Trump

Here are Andy Harris’s bon mots on Tapegate:

harrisOr restated, the other party has been morally reprehensible for years, so it’s OK that my party is too. This has already been roundly critiqued on Facebook, which saves me from having to do the work:

harris2 harris3 harris4 harris6

The last point deserves more attention. Lost in the flurry over Tapegate, Trump decided to raise the specter of black criminality around the case of five black men exonerated by DNA.

And here is a prototypical Republican response, which blames Tapegate on Hillary Clinton. Because everything bad in the world must be her fault. Of course, even there were an iota of evidence to back up this claim, it would be shocking, yes shocking, for someone to expose Donald Trump in this manner.