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Ashwani Jain is Running for Governor

By Adam Pagnucco.

Former Obama administration official Ashwani Jain is running for governor. A resident of Potomac, Jain ran for Montgomery County Council At-Large in 2018 and finished eighth in a race for four seats. Jain just made an announcement and his press release is reprinted below.


Shairee Arora |

Former Obama-Biden Appointee Ashwani Jain Announces Historic Candidacy for Maryland Governor

If elected, Jain would become the nation’s first millennial Governor and Maryland’s first Governor of color

Montgomery County, MD — Last night, Friends of Ashwani Jain announced that Maryland native Ashwani Jain is running for Governor of Maryland in a historic campaign. If elected, Jain would become the nation’s first millennial Governor and Maryland’s first Governor of color. To learn more, visit To watch the campaign’s kickoff video, click here.

“Maryland needs strong leadership — leadership that reflects the makeup and diversity of the state. That’s why I’ve decided to run for Governor,” said Ashwani Jain. “If elected next year, I would serve as the nation’s first millennial Governor and Maryland’s first Governor of color. While a voice like mine has never been in the Governor’s Office, in a state that is younger and more diverse than it’s ever been, voices like mine are growing and need to be represented. I’m honored to be running to be the next Governor of Maryland.

“Although I may be young, I have experience beyond my years and understand how the systems of government work. For two decades, I’ve fought to expand opportunities for Marylanders through advocating for public policy at all levels of government, including with then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden. And on a personal level, as an 18-year survivor of childhood cancer, a son of immigrants and small business owners, a Maryland native and product of public schools and a diverse millennial, I understand the real impact of policies, including the inequities, because those policies and inequities have impacted me.

“I firmly believe I have the experience, perspective and empathy needed to serve as Maryland’s next Governor. It’s time for a new start and to change the narrative of who deserves a seat at the table.”

Jain (he/him pronouns) is a 31-year-old with a compelling personal and professional story. He beat cancer, attended a Title 1 Elementary School and later went on to earn two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree. He has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors, and served in the Obama/Biden White House and two federal agencies — the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Health and Human Services. Jain also served as the Director of Outreach for now-President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot.

With what will be a completely vacant Governor’s seat for the first time in a decade, Jain has two main objectives. The first is to make Maryland’s state government more representative, transparent and accountable by focusing on Inclusion, Banning Corruption and ensuring Equal Access. The second is to take a comprehensive approach to solving Maryland’s issues by focusing on a “Relief, Recovery and Reform” agenda. To learn more, visit