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If Mike Miller is an NRA Tool, He Hides It Well

Senate President Mike Miller has been attacked for accepting donations from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The last donation to Sen. Miller from the NRA occurred in 2009. As Senate President, Miller has a lot of power to derail initiatives he doesn’t like. So what has happened since then?

Maryland now has some of strictest gun control laws on the books. Here are some of the gun safety initiatives that not only passed the Senate on Miller’s watch but also received his vote.

Since 2012, he voted against one bill, HB 209, which was a crossfile of SB 640 listed above. It nonetheless passed the Senate.

In short, characterizing Miller as an enemy of gun safety laws isn’t accurate. Miller has not been a barrier to the passage of new gun safety laws and has supported many of the key provisions.


Frederick Gun Extremist Threatens Sun Reporter

grose-deckedoutJames Grose
Source: True Blue Politics

My appreciation to the person in Frederick who provided me much of the information for this story.

Frederick County Resident James Grose believes that “gun confiscation efforts” are a real danger should a Democrat win the 2016 presidential election. It’s hard to know how seriously to treat someone who creates a new Facebook page under the giggle-inducing name of Mr. Boomstick. Except that his threats and whipping up hysteria on gun control are very real.

His Facebook cover photo is a “three percenter flag.” According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

The Three Percenters, formed in late 2008, are a loosely organized movement centered around an obscure, and not particularly accurate, Revolutionary War “statistic” that claimed that only 3% of the American population during the Revolutionary War participated as combatants in the war.  The group asserts that they are a modern counterpart to that mythical 3% of American Revolutionary-era patriots and also represent the three percent of the population of American gun owners “who will not disarm.”

Smearing Sen. Ron Young

James Grose gained notoriety in the last election when he made anti-Sen. Ron Young (D) signs labeling him a “traitor” with the Soviet hammer and sickle on them:

Grose Young

Threatening the Weinberg Center

As Carrie Larson, a Frederick County blogger, has documented in detail, Grose also threatened the Weinberg Center when they invited Jane Fonda along with General Stanley McChrystal:

Gross Fonda

Godwin’s Law in One Easy Step

Now, this military wannabe (no, he didn’t serve despite his frequent invoking of veterans and love for camo) is recording videos with his extreme views and uploading them to Facebook. On January 7, in response to a a Baltimore Sun opinion piece on guns by Tricia Bishop, Grose said that “This is literally someone who works for the Baltimore Sun . . . you might as well hire a Nazi who wants to kill the Jews.” He debates posting her home address online.

Grose sees himself as a proud Second Amendment patriot but is unintentionally a walking argument for precisely the sort of sensible background checks advocated by President Barack Obama. There are many gun owners who treat firearms with the respect and seriousness that any weapon deserves. They don’t treat them as props while popping off on the Internet calling people “traitor” and threatening to make people “pay the price.”

Support Moms Demand Action.



Hogan Slammed for NRA Support

In the final days of the gubernatorial campaign, attention is rightly being focused on Republican Nominee Larry Hogan’s refusal to release his responses to the NRA questionnaire on this issue. A good question: candidates should be prepared to share their views not just with special interest groups but the general public.

Moms Demand Action

Jennifer Coulter of Moms Demand Action is asking exactly what did Larry Hogan do to receive an A- rating from the NRA and this robocall funded by the NRA in support of his campaign:

Maryland Democrats are also pressing hard on Hogan’s unwillingness to share with the public what he promised the NRA in exchange for their support:


Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
Contact:  443-221-4779

BREAKING: NRA Robocalling Marylanders to Prop Up Larry Hogan

Payback – Gun Lobbyists Spending for Hogan After He Put Secret Promises in Writing to Earn NRA’s Endorsement

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Last night, reports across the state confirmed that the National Rifle Association is opening up their wallet to defend their endorsed candidate for Governor, Republican Larry Hogan. The robocall says that “there’s only one candidate in the race for governor of Maryland who has stood strong against the Obama Bloomberg gun control agenda, that candidate is Larry Hogan.” It goes on to attack Lt. Governor Brown because he “helped to enact one of the largest gun bans in the history of Maryland” – the ban on the sale of assault rifles contained in SB 281.

Larry Hogan, who filled out the NRA’s questionnaire, earned an A- rating, and was recently endorsed by the NRA, has continually refused to release the promises he put in writing to gun lobbyists.

“Larry Hogan opposed common sense background checks to prevent criminals from getting handguns and opposed banning the sale of assault rifles and high capacity magazines, so it’s no surprise that the gun lobbyists at the NRA are spending money to prop up his campaign,” said Jared Smith, Maryland Democratic Party Spokesman. “Larry Hogan has refused to release the questionnaire that earned him the NRA’s endorsement because he knows that Maryland families don’t support his dangerous pro-gun agenda.”

You can listen to the NRA’s pro-Hogan robocall by clicking here.

“Hello, this is the NRA calling from 703-267-1200 with an important election alert. There’s only one candidate in the race for governor of Maryland who has stood strong against the Obama Bloomberg gun control agenda, that candidate is Larry Hogan. His opponent, Anthony Brown helped to enact one of the largest gun bans in the history of Maryland last year. That extreme anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 281 was enacted over the objections of thousands of Marylanders who voiced their strong opposition. Anthony Brown would expand the Obama Bloomberg gun control agenda as governor and further restrict the rights of Maryland’s law abiding gun owners. This race could be decided by just a handful of votes so your vote could make the difference. Please vote Larry Hogan for governor on November 4th and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Thank you”