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Hogan Slammed for NRA Support

In the final days of the gubernatorial campaign, attention is rightly being focused on Republican Nominee Larry Hogan’s refusal to release his responses to the NRA questionnaire on this issue. A good question: candidates should be prepared to share their views not just with special interest groups but the general public.

Moms Demand Action

Jennifer Coulter of Moms Demand Action is asking exactly what did Larry Hogan do to receive an A- rating from the NRA and this robocall funded by the NRA in support of his campaign:

Maryland Democrats are also pressing hard on Hogan’s unwillingness to share with the public what he promised the NRA in exchange for their support:


Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
Contact:  443-221-4779

BREAKING: NRA Robocalling Marylanders to Prop Up Larry Hogan

Payback – Gun Lobbyists Spending for Hogan After He Put Secret Promises in Writing to Earn NRA’s Endorsement

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Last night, reports across the state confirmed that the National Rifle Association is opening up their wallet to defend their endorsed candidate for Governor, Republican Larry Hogan. The robocall says that “there’s only one candidate in the race for governor of Maryland who has stood strong against the Obama Bloomberg gun control agenda, that candidate is Larry Hogan.” It goes on to attack Lt. Governor Brown because he “helped to enact one of the largest gun bans in the history of Maryland” – the ban on the sale of assault rifles contained in SB 281.

Larry Hogan, who filled out the NRA’s questionnaire, earned an A- rating, and was recently endorsed by the NRA, has continually refused to release the promises he put in writing to gun lobbyists.

“Larry Hogan opposed common sense background checks to prevent criminals from getting handguns and opposed banning the sale of assault rifles and high capacity magazines, so it’s no surprise that the gun lobbyists at the NRA are spending money to prop up his campaign,” said Jared Smith, Maryland Democratic Party Spokesman. “Larry Hogan has refused to release the questionnaire that earned him the NRA’s endorsement because he knows that Maryland families don’t support his dangerous pro-gun agenda.”

You can listen to the NRA’s pro-Hogan robocall by clicking here.

“Hello, this is the NRA calling from 703-267-1200 with an important election alert. There’s only one candidate in the race for governor of Maryland who has stood strong against the Obama Bloomberg gun control agenda, that candidate is Larry Hogan. His opponent, Anthony Brown helped to enact one of the largest gun bans in the history of Maryland last year. That extreme anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 281 was enacted over the objections of thousands of Marylanders who voiced their strong opposition. Anthony Brown would expand the Obama Bloomberg gun control agenda as governor and further restrict the rights of Maryland’s law abiding gun owners. This race could be decided by just a handful of votes so your vote could make the difference. Please vote Larry Hogan for governor on November 4th and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Thank you”


Moms Demand Action

Editor’s Note: Aimee Olivo of Cheverly wrote this guest post on Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Good news: you don’t have to be a Mom to support this terrific organization.

How does a trickle become a stream? A cry become a rally? A mom become a movement?

When enough gather with one voice to demand action.

And that’s what’s happening in Maryland and across the nation through Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

I’m so grateful to be part of this group working to save lives across our country and invite you to join us.

Like so many others, I was devastated by Newtown. I was outraged by Trayvon Martin. But if I’m honest with myself, I was content to simply be, as my friend Jennifer says, a “clicktivist” on common sense gun reform. I shared my outrage and devastation about those events and so many others that happen every day across our country via Facebook links, likes and comments. I cheered when the Maryland General Assembly passed the Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013, but I didn’t really do anything more.

But at my first Maryland Moms Demand Action event, I learned that there are a lot of moms and dads and folks who aren’t parents who care deeply enough about this issue to invest a great deal of time and effort in it.

And that is pretty inspiring.

Since its founding as a simple Facebook page the day after Newtown, Moms Demand Action has become a powerful, nonpartisan grassroots movement with a chapter in every state across the country. Recently joining forces with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, this group is now the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country with more than 1.5 million grassroots supporters.

The goals really are, in my opinion, common sense solutions that support the 2nd Amendment and sensible laws that will protect our families and communities. This movement of mothers will no longer be silent as Congress, companies and colleges turn their back on sensible gun laws and policies. We are organizing to effectively lobby and apply pressure that will result in stronger, sensible gun laws and policies that will protect our children and families. As we grow, the message becomes even louder and more clear.

Maryland members of Moms Demand Action were instrumental in pushing the General Assembly to pass the Firearm Safety Act. But, the fight is far from over. The gun lobby is hard at work trying to erase these common sense reforms. (Just take a look at this questionnaire.)

So visit the site: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “Like” the Moms Demand Action – MD Facebook page. Make a donation to support this important work. Come to a local event. And then talk to your friends and encourage them to do the same.

Because it’s time for gun sense in America.

Aimee lives in Cheverly, MD, with her husband and two sons.


From the NRA Questionnaire

Here are some of the questions that the NRA is asking candidates for the Maryland General Assembly. Perhaps after reading, you’ll feel moved to take a moment and join Moms Demand Action, an organization formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

6. Under the guise of “crime control,” anti-gun groups are promoting legislation to mandate the use of certain technologies on firearms and ammunition sold within those states. “Microstamping,” requires gun manufacturers to incorporate technology into each handgun sold, so that it imprints identifying information about the firearm onto a cartridge when fired. Similarly, anti-gun groups are promoting ammunition serialization/encoding which would require ammunition manufacturers to encode each cartridge produced by imprinting a unique serial number on the case and base of the bullet for entry upon sale into a state database. These proposals rely on unproven technology, which would significantly drive up the cost of producing firearms and ammunition and have limited crime-fighting utility (a tiny fraction of legally-purchased firearms and ammunition are ever used in crimes). Would you support legislation mandating the “microstamping” of cartridge cases and/or encoding of ammunition before sales could lawfully take place in Maryland?

7. When a gun is fired markings are left on the bullet and cartridge case, referred to as “tool marks.” These markings may, at times, be used to identify a gun used in a crime. In 2000, Maryland passed a state law requiring that all new handguns sold be tested and balistically “fingerprinted.” . . . Would you support state legislation repealing the required collection of ballistic “fingerprint” data for firearms sold in Maryland?

10. The “Firearms Safety Act” of 2013 imposed a ban on the sale, purchase, transfer, and transport of semi-automatic firearms that have certain cosmetic features, or appear on a list of 45 specific models classified as so-called “assault weapons.” Would you support state legislation repealing these provisions of the “Firearms Safety Act” of 2013?

11. The “Firearms Safety Act” of 2013 . . . requires individuals wishing to exercise their fundamental right to purchase a handgun for self-defense in the home to obtain eight hours of training, obtain and pay for fingerprints, and pay a $50 fee to the state before applying for the license. Would you support legislation repealing the licensing requirement for a handgun purchase in Maryland?

14. In order to obtain [a Handgun Qualification License], the purchaser is required to undergo . . a background check conducted by the Maryland State Police (MSP) . . .  Would you support legislation to eliminate Maryland’s seven-day waiting period and [more expansive] MSP background check upon purchase and instead rely on the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System?

15. The majority of state administer a “shall issue” system [to receive a concealed carry permit], allowing any citizen not otherwise prohibited from firearms ownership to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm for defense. Maryland’s system is “may issue”, requiring applicants for a permit to prove a “good and substantial reason” to obtain a permit to carry. Would you support legislation creating a “shall issue” system in Maryland?

19. Some jurisdictions deprive responsible law-abiding citizens of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms in their home merely because they reside in public housing. Would you support state legislation to ensure that persons are not denied their Second Amendment rights based on their income by prohibiting public housing authorities from banning the otherwise lawful ownership and possession of firearms by public housing residents?