Muslim Democratic Club Endorses Pam Queen

From the endorsement letter of the Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County for the delegate vacancy in District 14:

We are confident in supporting Mrs. Queen for reasons far too numerous to address in this letter. But, to start with, Mrs. Queen has a long and noteworthy relationship of engaging our community, particularly within District 14, where she has time and time again visited mosques within the district to conduct voter registration drives. Furthermore, Mrs. Queen aligned with us the closest out of all the candidates on policy, especially in regards to her commitment to education and expanding funding for STEM learning for minority students. Thirdly, in a district with such a high minority population, and a county delegation with so few women elected to serve in Annapolis, we felt it was morally necessary to send a message to the
countless young minority women who aspire to public office in Maryland. Mrs. Queen has fostered deep and long-­standing relationships with several Muslim community leaders who emotionally told us of her commitment to social justice, community service and the public good—all ethics our faith and community strongly subscribe to as whole. In light of these facts, as president of the Muslim Democratic Club it is my pleasure to inform you without hesitation that Pam Queen is our inalienable choice for endorsement to fill the District 14 Delegate vacancy.