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Gone Twitter: PSC Nominee Higgs Update

Two days ago, 7S published snapshots from the twitter account of Montgomery County GOP Chair and PSC Nominee Michael Higgs. However, his twitter account, @MightyTerp, is no longer available on Twitter (h/t Luke Pinton, @lpinton).

People who missed such tweets as:




will now have to visit the 7S historical archives. Or talk to others who have preserved portions of his public thought. While people Fear the Terp, @MightyTerp appears more fearful. Regardless, this vanishing act provides more evidence that @MightyTerp realizes that these tweets won’t help his nomination.



PSC Nominee Michael Higgs on Twitter


Michael Higgs with Gov. Larry Hogan

Gov. Larry Hogan has nominated Montgomery County GOP Chair Michael Higgs to the Public Services Commission. His twitter account should provide some nice grist for the Executive Nominations Committee mill.

On Hillary Clinton


On Valerie Jarrett

HiggsTweet2Spelling does not appear to be his strong suit.

But He Really Hates Misogyny


And Worries about Illegals Voting


I’m beginning to see why my students heavily recommend Snapchat. It isn’t just young people entering the job market who may end up regretting some of those tweets that live on forever.