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A Modest Pandemic Proposal

Folks, I like to think all of my readers understand that being fully vaccinated is the way to go to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their community. But graphs like these from the New York Times don’t get nearly enough attention amid the daily reports of new infections and deaths.

Source: New York Times.

A Modest Proposal

At this point, beliefs on vaccination have become like religion. Unfortunately, too many are being led by false prophets promoting cures like ivermectin, Vitamin C, and hydroxychloroquine. They don’t work and many seem to believe that COVID-19 is all a hoax. People may not be immune to the virus but they are to evidence.

David Frum suggested one solution on Twitter:

Another approach might be to open Trump Wellness Centers (don’t call them hospitals) where people can receive the latest unproven, likely harmful quack “cures” from medical professionals like Dr. Oz and Rep. Andy Harris, who seem happy to promote them.

We can set up Dr. Oz’s clinic in Altoona. The surrounding county voted 72% for Trump–more than any other in Pennsylvania–so it should be fertile territory. Lord knows, Oz loves attention and this should be a great way to get lots of it and promote his Senate bid.

The most Trumpy county in Maryland is Garrett (76%) but it’s small and outside Harris’s district, so I suggest instead either Elkton in Cecil or Centreville in Queen Anne’s– for his clinic. Both went 62% for Trump and are in Harris’s district.

It’ll save at least some doctors from having to deal with physical attacks or abuse from people who get refused horse dewormer as a cure. (And yet, they still go to the hospital, suggesting that deep down they know it’s all a flim-flam. Doublethink is real.)

One suspects that the death rates might discourage patients after awhile from attending these right-wing wellness center. Of course, Drs. Oz and Harris might be not so keen to deal with the consequences of their media recommendations. Killing your voting base doesn’t seem smart politics. But it’s worked for the tobacco industry all these years, so why not give it a go?