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Kelly Schulz and the Republicans Have a Major Roe Problem

The likely imminent reversal of Roe v. Wade deeply wounds any chances that the Republicans have of holding the governor’s mansion this November in strongly pro-choice Maryland.

Former Delegate and Secretary of Commerce Kelly Schultz, is running as a Hogan Republican and is seen as the more viable of the two major Republican candidates. She issued a statement designed to counter fears over abortion rights.

Thirty years ago, Marylanders voted to make abortion legal in Maryland, and any decision forthcoming on Roe v. Wade will not change that. The continued politicization of the Supreme Court is shameful and those fearmongering over Maryland abortion rights are only adding to that. While Kelly Schulz is personally pro-life, as governor, nothing will change with respect to current Maryland law on the issue.

But the statement doesn’t appear on her website or twitter feed.  It’s almost like she’s trying to hide it from Republican primary voters. Her statement doesn’t mention that she was endorsed by Maryland Right to Life as a candidate for the House of Delegates.

Democrats are ready to pounce. The Democratic Governors Association has already pointed out that she sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban abortion with no exceptions and that she has previously touted her “100% solid” pro-life record.

Maryland’s governor remains the most powerful in the nation. Would Schulz use these extensive powers in ways that curtail abortion access, particularly for poor women? Is her statement conditional on the election of enough numbers of Democrats to the General Assembly to override gubernatorial vetoes, as is currently the case?

Schulz’s major opponent, far-right loony Del. Dan Cox who embraces Trump’s election conspiracy theories, has also voted against abortion rights bills in the General Assembly.