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Darrell Anderson is the New MCDCC Chair


The New MCDCC Executive Board

Last night, the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) elected former Washington Grove Mayor Darrell Anderson as its new Chair. The rest of the Executive Board remains the same–these positions were not up for election.

MCDCC faces a lot of hard work now that the election is over not just to fix existing problems but to reenergize the party for the 2016 election. I hope that they will use metrics to assess progress on their goals. Similarly, accountability and transparency will be critical as MCDCC moves forward.

Now that the election is over, MCDCC has more time to approach problems in a more thoughtful, less pressured atmosphere. Fortunately, even its critics among Democratic officials and other constituencies have remained publicly and privately committed to working with MCDCC to achieve more success in the future.