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AFL-CIO Makes Endorsements in MoCo, Prince George’s Races

The Metro Washington AFL-CIO has announced endorsements in local races in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.  They have previously endorsed Marc Elrich for County Executive.  Following is their press release.


May 22, 2018
Contact: David Dzidzienyo, ddzidzienyo@dclabor.org

Metro Washington AFL-CIO Endorses in DC, Montgomery and Prince George’s Primaries

“With the Supreme Court ruling on Janus vs. AFSCME expected any day, political engagement by union voters is more important than ever,” said Metro Washington Council president Jackie Jeter in announcing endorsements in upcoming local primaries. “These candidates have proven their commitment to the issues that affect the working men and women of our communities and deserve the full support of the local labor movement.”

The Metro Council released endorsements in the following races: DC Mayor, Council and Attorney General; Montgomery County Council, Prince George’s County Council and Prince George’s County Board of Education.

The Metro Council also endorses Cynthia Collins (SEIU 400) for the PG Democratic Central Committee (At-Large) and Initiative 77 in the District.

District of Columbia
Mayor: Muriel Bowser
District of Columbia City Council – Chairman Candidate: Phil Mendelson
District of Columbia – Attorney General Candidate: Karl Racine
District of Columbia City Council – At-Large Candidate: Anita Bonds
District of Columbia City Council – Ward 1 Candidate: Brianne Nadeau
District of Columbia City Council – Ward 5 Candidate: Kenyon McDuffie
District of Columbia City Council – Ward 6 Candidate: Charles Allen

Prince George’s/Montgomery County
Montgomery County Council At-Large: No Recommendation
Montgomery County Council At-Large: Brandy Brooks
Montgomery County Council At-Large: Danielle Metiv
Montgomery County Council At-Large: Chris Wilhelm
Montgomery County District 001: Jim McGee
Montgomery County District 003: Ben Snyder
Montgomery County District 004: Nancy Navarro
Montgomery County District 005: Tom Hucker

Prince George’s County Council At-Large
Prince George’s County Council At-Large: Gerron Levi
Prince George’s County Council At-Large: Karen Toles
Prince George’s County District 001: Tom Dernoga
Prince George’s County District 002: Deni Tavaras
Prince George’s County District 005: No Recommendation
Prince George’s County District 006: No Recommendation
Prince George’s County District 007: No Recommendation
Prince George’s County District 008: Tony Knotts
Prince George’s County District 009: Sidney Harris

Prince George’s County Board of Education
Prince George’s County District 002: Joshua M. Thomas
Prince George’s County District 003: Juwan Blocker
Prince George’s County District 006: Pat Fletcher
Prince George’s County District 009: Arun Puracken


AFL-CIO Disses MoCo Council Incumbents

MD AFLIn the Democratic primary, the AFL-CIO endorsed incumbent Marc Elrich as well as challengers Beth Daly and Vivian Malloy for the at-large seats. Only Elrich won the nomination. The AFL-CIO did not endorse incumbents Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal, or Hans Riemer. They have now decided not to endorse any of these three (or anyone else) for the general election.

The AFL-CIO have also made no endorsement in District 1 (Roger Berliner), District 2 (Craig Rice), or District 3 (Sidney Katz). They had endorsed unsuccessful candidates Duchy Trachtenberg (District 1) and Ryan Spiegel (District 3).

District 4 Incumbent Democrat Nancy Navarro is their only new endorsed candidate. They had already endorsed Tom Hucker in District 5–their only other Montgomery County Council winner besides Marc Elrich.

So two-thirds of the new Council will have the election without the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in either the primary or the general election–7 out of 9 if you include the primary.


Effects Bargaining and Endorsements


MCGEO is the Municipal and County Government Employee Organization. FOP is the Fraternal Order of Police. AFL is the MD-DC AFL-CIO. IAFF is the International Association of Fire Fighters. There might be additional endorsements than those recorded here, particularly for the IAFF.

The government employee unions are placing heavy bets behind candidates who favor effects bargaining despite its repudiation by the voters, especially Duchy Trachtenberg and Tom Hucker. In a recent debate, Duchy speculated that the decline in police morale resulting from the removal of effects bargaining had caused crime to increase. Except that crime has declined–as Ike Leggett loves to remind us–which renders the theory untenable.

Ryan Spiegel has positioned himself as extremely pro-labor despite his unwillingness to revisit effects bargaining. And the unions don’t have a pro-effects bargaining choice in District 3. Ryan is clearly their candidate for the Rockville-Gaithersburg district.

In ultra-liberal District 5, Evan Glass has staked out a position as the only candidate opposed to overturning the will of the voters unless it proves to cause problems for voters. Not a bad idea since he was never going to outbid Hucker for union support.

Marc Elrich is the only incumbent councilmember to receive an endorsement from any of these four unions. At-Large Candidate Vivian Malloy is pro-effects bargaining but is not perceived as a viable challenger by these unions.


AFL-CIO Endorsements

MD AFLThese are the recommendations from the AFL-CIO. I have dispensed with my usual attempt to highlight non-incumbents, partly because it is striking how many Democratic incumbents were not endorsed.

The AFL-CIO gave the Senate President a pass in D27. They endorsed Gov. O’Malley’s choice, former Del. Connie DeJuliis, over Sen. Jim Brochin in D42. Well, I guess that’s finally something Miller and Brochin have in common.

In Montgomery County, the AFL-CIO said no to five incumbent delegates: Kathleen Dumais and Aruna Miller in D15, Ariana Kelly in D16, Al Carr and Ana Sol Gutiérrez in D18. They endorsed only two challengers in these same districts: Bennett Rushkoff in D15, and Natali Fani-Gonzalez in D18.

In Prince George’s District 26, the AFL-CIO picked Del. Veronica Turner over incumbent Sen. Anthony Muse. Indeed, they went with Turner’s whole slate. In Charles County District 2, they also said no to two incumbent delegates–C.T. Wilson and Sally Jameson–but endorsed challenger Edith Patterson.

No doubt there is more news in here but that’s what I noticed in a very quick glance.

GOVERNOR/LT. GOVERNOR: Anthony Brown/Ken Ulman
COMPTROLLER: Peter Franchot

District 1                     No Recommendation
District 2                     Dutch Ruppersberger
District 3                     John Sarbanes
District 4                     Donna Edwards
District 5                     Steny Hoyer
District 6                     John Delaney
District 7                     Elijah Cummings
District 8                     Christopher Van Hollen


District 1
Senate: George C. Edwards
House: 1B Kevin Kelly

District 2
House: 2A  Elizabeth Paul, No Recommendation / 2B John Donoghue

District 3
Senate: Ron Young
House: 3A  Carol Krimm, Roger Wilson

District 4
House: Gene Stanton

District 5
Senate: Anita Riley

District 6
Senate: John Olszewski
House: Eric Crizer, Eric Washington, Mike Weir, Jr.

District 8
Senate: Kathy Klausmeier
House: Harry “H.B. ” Bhandari, Eric Bromwell, Renee Smith

District 9
Senate: Ryan Frederick
House: 9A  James Ward Morrow  /  9B  Tom Coale

District 10
Senate: Delores Kelley
House: Robert Johnson, Adrienne A. Jones, Carin Smith

District 11
House: Shelly Hettleman, Dan Morhaim, Dana Stein

District 12
Senate: Edward J. Kasemeyer
House: Terri Hill,  Eric Ebersole, Nick Stewart

District 13
Senate: Guy Guzzone
House: Vanessa Attabearry, Shane Pendergrass, Frank S. Turner

District 14
Senate: Karen Montgomery
House: Anne Kaiser, Eric Luedtke, Craig Zucker

District 15
Senate: Brian Feldman
House: David Fraser-Hidalgo, Bennett Rushkoff

District 16
Senate: Susan Lee
House: Bill Frick

District 17
House: Kumar Barve, Jim Gilchrest, Andrew Platt

District 18
Senate: Richard Madaleno
House: Natali Fani-Gonzalez, Jeff Waldstreicher

District 19
Senate: Roger Manno
House: Bonnie Cullison, Ben Kramer, Marice Morales

District 20
Senate: Jamie Raskin
House: Sheila E. Hixson, Will Jawando , David Moon

District 21
Senate: Jim Rosapepe
House: Ben Barnes, Barbara Frush, Joseline Pena-Melnyk

District 22
Senate: Paul Pinsky
House: Tawanna Gaines, Ann Healey, Alonzo Washington

District 23
Senate: Douglas J.J. Peters
House: 23A Geraldine Valentino-Smith / 23B Marvin Holmes, Joe Vallario

District 24
Senate: Joanne Benson
House: Erek Barron, Carolyn Howard, Michael Vaughn

District 25
Senate: Ulysses Currie
House: Dereck Davis, Larry Greenhill, Sr. , Juanita Miller

District 26
Senate: Veronica Turner
House: David Sloan, Kris Valderrama

District 27
House: 27A  James Proctor /  27B  Michael Jackson / 27C Sue Kullen

District 28
Senate: Thomas “Mac” Middleton
House: Edith Patterson

District 29
House: 29B  John Bohanan / 29C  Len Zuza

District 30
House: 30A  Michael Busch, Chuck Ferrar / 30B  Mitchelle Stephenson

District 31
House: 31A  Ned Carey

District 32
Senate: James Ed DeGrange
House: Pamela Beidle, Spencer Dove, Theodore Sophocleus

District 33
House: Henry Green

District 34
Senate: Mary-Dulaney James
House: 34A  Mary Ann Lisanti, Pat Murray / 34B  Cassandra Beverly

District 35
House: 35A  David Rudolph

District 37
House: 37A  Sheree Sample-Hughes

District 38
House: 38B  Norman Conway / 38C  Judy Davis

District 39
Senate: Nancy King
House: Charles Barkley ,  Kirill Reznik,  Shane Robinson

District 40
Senate: Catherine Pugh
House: Frank Conaway, Barbara Robinson, Shawn Tarrant

District 41
Senate: Lisa Gladden
House: Jill Carter, Nathaniel Oaks, Samuel “Sandy” Rosenberg

District 42
Senate: Connie DeJuliis
House: 42A  Stephen Lafferty / 42B  Robert Leonard

District 43 
Senate: Joan Carter Conway
House: Curt Anderson, Maggie McIntosh, Mary Washington

District 44
Senate: Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
House: 44A  Keith Haynes / 44B Aaron Barnett, Charles Sydnor, III

District 45
Senate: Nathaniel McFadden
House: Talmadge Branch, Chery D. Glenn, Cory McCray

District 46
Senate: Bill Ferguson
House: Luke Clippinger, Peter Hammen, Brooke Elizabeth Lierman

District 47
Senate: Victor Ramirez
House: 47A  Jimmy Tarlau / 47B  No Recommendation