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Update: Why is Hate, I mean Help, Save Maryland a Tax-Deductible Charity?

Your contributions to Help Save Maryland are tax deductable. This group busies itself perpetuating hate of blacks and gays, but its main joy in life is to spew vitriol about undocumented immigrants and CASA de Maryland.

Many organizations have two counterparts–a (c)(3) that conducts in educational and other tax deductible non-political activities and a (c)(4) that engages in politics. Donations to the latter are not tax deductible, and the two types of organizations have to be kept carefully separate.

Help Save Maryland thus describes its focus on “awareness and education” in an effort to fit the (c)(3) mold but lets the mask slip when it states that it “provides an effective voice for citizens frustrated by our out-of-touch Maryland politicians.” Its tag line on the top right of its web page says “Working to Make Our Elected Officials Accountable to The Citizens of Maryland.” That sure sounds like non-tax deductible lobbying to me.

Haters are gonna hate, as Rep. Aaron Schock recently reminded us at the beginning of the unfolding scandals that led to his resignation announcement yesterday. But that doesn’t mean we have to give them a tax deduction to lobby for it.