Democratic Upsets Possible in AA & Howard County Exec Races

More signs that there are no coattails for Larry Hogan. Right now, upsets are brewing in Anne Arundel and Howard but a fair number of votes are left to be counted in both races. No other incumbents look endangered in either party.

In Anne Arundel, there are many votes left to be counted but Democrat Stuart Pittman is currently leading incumbent Republican County Exec. Steve Schuh by 52-48.

In Howard, 25 of 118 precincts are left to be counted by incumbent Republican County Executive Allen Kittleman is trailing Democrat Calvin Ball by 48-52.

In Baltimore County, you can get ready to call him County Executive Johnny O. He’s leading Redman by 57-43 with most precincts counted.

In Frederick, incumbent Democratic County Executive Jan Gardner leads Republican Del. Kathy Afzali by 52-44 with roughly 2/3 of precincts counted.

Incumbent Republican County Executive Barry Glassman is winning 2-1 in Harford County.

Developers pulled out all the stop to defeat Marc Elrich in Montgomery. The voters just elected him county executive with around 65% to 19% for independent Nancy Floreen and 16% for Robin Ficker. Most precincts have been counted.

Democratic State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks just become Prince George’s County Executive without opposition.

With all precincts counted, incumbent Republican Bob Culver is winning easily in Wicomico with a pluraity of 49% as the Democratic and Green candidates are splitting the remaining votes by 30-21.


No Hogan Coattails in House as Dems Set to Gain 2-4 Delegates

Right now, not a single Democrat is going down in the House of Delegates. Instead, Republicans will lose seats. No coattails for Hogan as he wins on bipartisan governance.

Robert Flanagan is going down by 20 points in Howard District 9B to Courtney Watson.

Not only in Del. Eric Bromwell winning reelection in Baltimore County District 8, he may be accompanied by another Democrat. Right now, Democrat Harry Bhandari is in second place with incumbent Republican Del. Joe Cluster in third place.

Harford District 34A is a real shocker. Not only is incumbent Democratic Del. Mary Ann Lisanti breezing to victory, but her running mate, Steve Johnson, leads incumbent Republican Del. Glen Glass by 30 votes with all precincts reporting. This will go down to provisionals and absentees.

In District 30A, Speaker Busch will finally be joined by a Democrat. Retiring Del. Herb McMillan will be replaced by Alice Cain, who is easily defeating her Republican opponents by miles.



Senate Looking Good for Democrats

Republicans made a drive for five Senate seats in the hopes of being able to uphold a veto by Gov. Larry Hogan. Hogan is coming back but the early vote is not encouraging in the drive for five.

Right now, the Republicans are leading in two seats. They are up by two points in District 42, an expected pickup by Del. Chris West of an open seat. Republican Del. Mary Beth Carozza is up by 6 over Sen. Jim Mathias on the Eastern Shore.

There is one more very close seat. Right now, Sen. Kathy Klausmeier leads Del. Christian Miele by just over 1% but only two precincts are left to report. This could go down to provisional ballots.

Ron Young looked very endangered in District 3 in Frederick but leads with 57%. Sarah Elfreth is on to an encouraging start in open District 30 in Anne Arundel with 58%

No surprises in the likely Dem seats, as Dels. Lam and Beidle look set to move up to the Senate. Sen. Prez Mike Miller breezing to victory.


Klausmeier in Trouble in Baltimore County

Sen. Kathy Klausmeier (D-8) is barely leading Del. Christian Miele in the early vote. This looks bad for her as Democrats normally lead int he early vote, which skews their way.

In District 42, Robbie Leonard (D) leads Del. Chris West (R) by 7% in the early vote. We’ll have to see how this develops in a seat that the Republicans are expecting to take tonight.


First Tea Leaves Bad for Jealous, Elrich Leading Easily

Montgomery is reporting the early vote now. For Governor, Jealous-Turnbull has 60% to 40% for Hogan-Rutherford. The early vote skewed very Democratic in Montgomery. If Hogan is getting 40% of the EV in Montgomery, he’s going to win easily.

Contrast that with the 84-85% that Frosh and Franchot-the D nominees for AG and Comprtroller, respectively-are receiving in Montgomery. While one poll made Frosh look shaky, he’s doing very well in his home county.

Meanwhile Marc Elrich has 68% (!) of the early vote in Montgomery to just 20% for Floreen and 12% for Ficker (R). Looks like Elrich is headed back to Rockville but as County Executive this time. Democrats are doing their usual sweep in other MoCo offices.


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