MoCo Endorsements: February 15, 2018

By Adam Pagnucco.

Below, we present a preliminary list of institutional endorsements for MoCo candidates in contested races.  These lists are incomplete for two reasons: first, several influential players (like MCGEO, the Washington Post, the Volunteer Fire Fighters and the Realtors) have not concluded their endorsement processes and second, many of those who have endorsed have decided on some races but not yet others.  That is particularly true of MCEA, holder of the mighty Apple Ballot, which has issued one round of endorsements and will be issuing another round shortly.

A few notes.

First, incumbents are cleaning up as usual.  Challengers, we know you think you can do a better job than them.  But the incumbents have cast real live votes and have relationships you don’t have.  Deal with it!

Second, a handful of non-incumbents are starting to rack up progressive endorsements.  In MoCo, the two who stand out are Council Member Marc Elrich, who is running for Executive, and District 3 County Council candidate Ben Shnider, who is challenging incumbent Sidney Katz.  If Shnider’s endorsements keep snowballing can he pull off the unthinkable?  Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher, who is running for Senate, has now claimed five major institutional endorsements against one claimed by his opponent, Dana Beyer.

And third, there are so many big endorsements that have not yet come down.  It’s still early so don’t carve anyone’s tombstone yet.  That is particularly true of the Council At-Large race, where only incumbent Hans Riemer is building a big stack of them.  The coming endorsements could act as a critical differentiator in a historically huge field.

We will be updating this list periodically.  We will not be including individual endorsements from elected officials or other prominent muckety-mucks.  (OK, maybe if Barack Obama gets involved, we will make an exception.)  And we will not be listing endorsements from tiny, piddly-squit groups that have never shown any game here.  That means if the Wheaton Beer-Drinking Bass Guitarists Political Club issues an endorsement list, tough beans! – we will not be running it.

To be continued.