And He’s Back? Sam Arora

Delegate Sam Arora is very good at reconsidering. After campaigning on a strong-pro marriage equality platform in 2008, he then changed his mind and voted against the bill that he had originally cosponsored. Sam thus had the singular dishonor of being the only delegate from liberal Montgomery County (66% voted for marriage in the referendum) to vote against marriage equality.

After announcing on November 1 that he will not run for reelection to the House of Delegates–most likely after having been tossed off the incumbent slate (kudos to them) and realizing that support given by many liberal groups had evaporated–Sam Arora is rumored to be reconsidering. Perhaps he thinks that the many primaries in Montgomery County will distract the locals he angered with his vote from his race. Perhaps he believes that LGBT and other progressive activists will be blindsided if he runs and have moved their focus in the wake of his retirement announcement.

Wrong again, Sam. Very wrong.