Election Morning Wrapup

Democratic Presidential Primary

The breadth of Hillary Clinton‘s victory is hard to overstate. She won all but three very Republican counties. She lost tiny Garrett by 119 votes (6%), Allegheny by 158 (3%), and Carroll by 170 (1%). The other jurisdictions went Clinton, including Montgomery (67%), Prince George’s (74%), and Baltimore City (65%).

Sanders won millennials but there just weren’t that many of them–over 45 voters were two-thirds of the electorate and 74% voted for Clinton. Women composed a staggering 61% of Democratic primary voters and 68% voted Clinton. African-American voters were 46% of primary voters and went 75% for Clinton, though she also carried white voters by 52-42.

Democratic Senatorial Primary

After a fiercely fought race, Chris Van Hollen ended up winning comfortably by 53-39 over Donna Edwards. Here is the county-by-county breakdown of Van Hollen’s share of the vote and his margin over Edwards:

VH MarginEdwards won only three jurisdictions: Baltimore City, Charles and Prince George’s. Even in her home base of heavily African-American Prince George’s, Van Hollen managed to win close to one-third of the vote.

One source reports that this is because Van Hollen had volunteers all over Prince George’s while Edwards was less well organized. Montgomery delivered well for its favorite son, delivering him 76% of the vote. For more on why I think the Edwards campaign fell short, see yesterday’s pre-game post.

Eighth District Democratic Primary

After sweating out the returns, Jamie Raskin emerged the winner despite spending less than Trone or Matthews. There still remain quite a few absentee ballots outstanding but Raskin’s lead is too large for Trone to make up despite his strong program to secure absentee votes.

Raskin ran and won as a progressive. Indeed, he won because he was a strong and passionate liberal advocate, attracting strong grassroots support for his campaign that stood him in good stead against candidates with far better funding.

David Trone spent over $12 million and came in second, edging out Kathleen Matthews. While many might comfort themselves with a strong finish, Trone strikes me as a guy who plays to win and didn’t spend all that money to be the runner up. At least he knows where to go to drown his sorrows.

The Night’s Biggest Loser

EMILY’s List poured millions and millions of dollars to elect Donna Edwards to the Senate and Kathleen Matthews to the House. Despite both being strong candidates, neither won.