Bradbury Launches Bid for Delegate Vacancy, Creates Official Looking Form on His Website

chrisbraburyfbScreenshot from Facebook

The selection of Del. Craig Zucker to fill the Senate vacancy caused by the retirement of Sen. Karen Montgomery (D-14) has opened up a vacancy in the House of Delegates. The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) will select Zucker’s replacement.

Four candidates are in the race. Pam Queen is Professor of Business at Morgan State and a MCDCC Member. Herman Taylor is a former delegate as well as President and CEO of Deskmate Office Products. Mark Feinroth is the Director of Regulatory Affairs at the Maryland Association of Realtors and worked previously at the Maryland Department of Labor.

MCDCC Member Chris Bradbury has also jumped into the race–a surprise as he had previously said he was going to support Queen, who also has the backing of the D14 legislative delegation. While Bradbury’s Facebook page says he is a real estate broker at Magnolia Realty, that fact is oddly not mentioned on his bio created specially for the race.

MCDCC Form is on Bradbury Webpage

Even more strangely, Bradbury appears to have placed what is designed to look like an official MCDCC form on his personal webpage. The form links to bios of the candidates, and looks like an official place for voters to give their recommendations for who should fill the delegate vacancy:


Why is this form on Bradbury’s website? I cannot imagine that MCDCC sanctioned the bad judgement of placing a form that asks voters for input on the website bearing the name of one the candidates–and mentioned on his Facebook page. Indeed, his website redirects to the delegate selection form.

This decision alone should disqualify Bradbury from being on the MCDCC let alone the House of Delegates.

Bradbury’s Bio

Here is Bradbury’s bio from the same “official” MCDCC webpage:


Under work experience, Bradbury says impressively that he specialized in “preventing foreclosures” as an asset manager of $30,000,000 for an unnamed (!) private equity firm. Bradbury, who graduated from Blake HS in 2001, also reports that he is “enrolled” in Business Administration at Thomas Edison State College, located in Trenton, New Jersey.

Though his bio doesn’t mention his work in real estate, Bradbury states he attended the Caldwell (sic) Banker School of Real Estate last year. In the past, he sold cars at Koons Ford and worked as an organizer for Impact Silver Spring.