Help Save Maryland

In 2015, bigotry can sometimes get defined down. But sometimes, the genuine unquestionable article stares you in the face. Help Save Maryland, an organization dedicated to fighting “the negative effects of illegal aliens,” provides examples.

Consider this segment from their St. Patrick’s Day Newsletter:

New Home in Rockville For CASA’s Illegal Day Labors

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett has always been a slippery operator.  Had the County Taxpayers pick up his legal tab some years ago when he was accused of sexually harassing a Blonde Haired White Female Staffer while he held an earlier county elected position.

Apropos of nothing, they dredge up an old charge from 1992 in order to perpetuate the oldest racist trope in the book of black men as sexual predators. And just to make sure you got the message, it was clearly important that they mention that she was “Blonde,”  “White,” and “Female.” Would it have been okay by HSM if the accuser had been a brown-skinned illegal alien male?

And, while I’ll plead guilty to many a typo due to lack of time and a proofreader, who capitalizes “blond” or “female” when they are not at the beginning of a sentence? HSM did not want you miss these key points.

Neverhtless, Help Save Maryland also wants you to know that racism is so over–almost as much as they want you to know they hate gays:

One of the strangest things [Loretta Lynch] said in reference to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “dream.” She said, “People tell us that dreams are not realized because dreams never are and he knew we had to continue working. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that under this president and under this attorney general, the Department of Justice is committed to following through with those dreams.”

So, the dream won’t be realized, but you’re going to continue pursuing it. Do I have that right? What dream is Ms. Lynch after? Blacks and other minorities have equality in America. They can work. They can own a home. They can marry. They have all the same rights that whites have, so what is the dream Ms. Lynch is pursuing? It’s the same dream the sodomite community is pursuing: special rights.

Why aren’t black people more grateful? I mean, we allow them to work, even to own their own homes. Gosh, they can even get married. So demanding, these people.

It’s almost impressive that someone can manage to sound so churlish about African Americans having access to very basic rights and feels it necessary to place Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “dream” in pejorative quotes. Only HSM thinks that Loretta Lynch’s desire to follow through on it makes her some sort of radical.

“Sodomite community” has a nice ring but it lacks the certain quaintness of “open homosexual,” a term used in the article they cite as evidence that LGBT people want “special” rights. They’re almost as demanding as those uppity black and brown people.