Brown to Announce for Fourth on Thursday


Anthony Brown’s Concession Speech Last November

The Washington Post is reporting that former Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown will announce his candidacy for the Fourth Congressional District tomorrow.

Brown performed well in Prince George’s last year–gaining 76.7% of the vote in the primary and 84.2% in the general. But turnout was low in both contests. Moreover, he will face a very different field that will include other African-American and Prince George’s candidates, including former State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey.

Brown undoubtedly has a great fundraising network after last year’s election. But it remains unclear how willing they will be to open their pockets again after last November’s stunning loss and how voters see Brown at this point. He will also have to retool his message for a federal rather than state election.

Still, many may admire a man who picks himself up after a big loss. And he has an admirable personal story of having served in Iraq while a member of the House of Delegates. Like President Obama, he is a Harvard Law School graduate.