These are the Gaffes that Try Candidate’s Souls

I thought the Donna Edwards announcement video was great. She comes across as strongly progressive and completely in touch with real people. It was polished but didn’t have the “look, it’s a campaign commercial” feel. Using video instead of email also allowed Edwards to introduce herself to many new people.

But then there is silhouette of Maryland at the end that includes the Virginia portion of the Delmarva peninsula. Not a great way to introduce yourself to the Shore or, more generally, the State she wants to represent.


And what will really tee Edwards off is that I am sure she had nothing personally to do with it even though she is still responsible for it. Even more irritating will be that I suspect few would notice unless some blogger some pointed it out and blew it up so you could see it when he should be doing his real job:


UPDATE: She has fixed the logo on her campaign web page but the video with Accomack and Northampton lives on. Apparently, I am not the only one who noticed, as Sen. President Mike Miller mentioned it on the Senate floor. Will he begin recognizing Sen. Mathias as the gentleman from Accomack?