Bongino’s Provocative New PAC


Republican Dan Bongino, who ran a good race against Democrat John Delaney in the Sixth Congressional District, has started a PAC. The goal isn’t provocative–provide support for more Republicans candidates to widen the playing field–it’s the name:

Battle Ground Resistance PAC.

Has someone watched Red Dawn a few too many times?

Anyway, here is the announcement:

In 2014, I ran for Congress in Maryland in a race that the “experts” and the media, declared “uncompetitive.” Despite the lack of support from the Washington D.C. establishment, thanks to you (the grassroots), and my team’s relentless work ethic, we were within a point of pulling off the biggest congressional upset in recent electoral history. After that night, I pledged never to let another hard-working and principled candidate lose a race because I stood on the sidelines. Let’s help them fight back in this ongoing political battle.

Today, I am announcing the launch of my new political action committee, the Battle Ground Resistance PAC. Through this PAC, we will harness the dedicated efforts of our donors to find and support candidates willing to take the fight to members of both political parties, in the fight for a more prosperous tomorrow.

Interestingly, the last line suggests he wants to direct his fire at Republicans as well as Democrats.