Peroutka in Mailer with Hogan and Schuh

@1430WNAV caught this story first and sourced the photos replicated here.Why are Larry Hogan and Steve Schuh in a mailer with a candidate they disavowed? In this mailer for the “Team for Change,” racist theocrat (h/t to Jon Hutson) Michael Peroutka is presented as just another Republican along with them:



Hogan and Schuh say that this is a mistake and continue to say his views have no place in the Republican Party. Then why did they allow their names to be attached on an official GOP flyer?  The official MD Republican line is: “He paid to be on a flyer.”

First, the GOP operative who thought it was a great idea to link their gubernatorial and county exec candidates to this loser should be fired. Second, Hogan and Schuh should publicly endorse Armstrong at an event at this point to undo the damage.

The real difference between Peroutka and Armstrong is really much simpler than presented in the mailer:


Remember this is a guy who said please rise for the national anthem before “Dixie” was played and advocates southern secession from the United States. As I said before, this is a chance for Democrats and Republicans to have a united purpose as we agree that politics is better off without Peroutka poison.