The WaPo Endorses

The Washington Post endorsed in Montgomery County Council races on Monday. The endorsements reflect their usual view that county unions have too much power, spending needs to be cut, and that MoCo needs to be more pro-business.

In the at-large races, the Post preferred all four incumbents, viewing Vivian Malloy’s candidacy as not “viable” and Beth Daly as “dead wrong” and attacked her as wanting to slow “the county’s already anemic rate of growth” as “misguided.”

Most interesting are the endorsements in the district races. The District 1 race is viewed less through the lens of unions and spending and more through general capability and personality:

In District 1, Roger Berliner, who is seeking a third term, is vastly superior to Duchy Trachtenberg. Mr. Berliner, an environmental lawyer, is respected on the council for his command of environmental issues and superb constituent service. By contrast, Ms. Trachtenberg, who lost her at-large seat in the election four years ago, was widely regarded as disorganized, unfocused, polarizing and inattentive to constituents.


In Districts 3 and 5, the WaPo rejected the candidates most identified with the unions–Ryan Spiegel in District 3 as well as Tom Hucker and Chris Barclay in District 5. Among the other candidates, the Post promoted Tom Moore in District 3 and Evan Glass in District 5.

The Post lauds Moore as “a champion for open government and affordable housing.” Evan Glass is described as:

pragmatic and deeply committed to the community, where he’s been an effective advocate for affordable housing. He’s the sort of independent-minded candidate who could make an important mark on the council and help rebrand Montgomery as a more welcoming place for employers.