Parrott Skewered by Hometown Press

From the Hagerstown Herald Mail:

As a rule, I try to stay away from bathroom humor, but sometimes the bathroom must go to Mohammed, even if Mohammed doesn’t go to the bathroom.

We should have seen this coming, truth be told. Republicans already want to get into the bedroom, but now they want to get into the bathroom as well. And the closet. And the library. Really, they’re about a pantry away from taking over the whole house.

So, in his tireless quest to fulfill his campaign promise of bringing jobs to Washington County, Del. Neil Parrott is now on a two-pronged mission to roust pornography from libraries and defeat transgender-equality legislation, which he believes will touch off an epidemic of cross-dressing men entering women’s restrooms.

Read the whole for a good laugh on April Fools Day that is unfortunately no joke.