Del. Mike McDermott Against FAMA

His press release on the Fairness for All Marylanders Act. Note the effort to whip up fear of the other–the transgender minority–regarding problems that have not occurred elsewhere with the same legislation. Apparently, an inability to capitalize “Democrats” is also the latest chic Republican tic. The House of Delegates is debating this legislation today.

Today the House of Delegates will be debating SB-212 on final reading. The bill would make transgender identified people a special protected class of citizens to allow them full access to any and all public accommodations.  There is great concern that this will create a host of problems for Maryland businesses. There is no real exceptions, and those that exist require similar accommodations be provided if these folks are not allowed in certain areas of an establishment (spas, locker rooms, etc.).

 “We have issues in Maryland that need to be addressed,” said Delegate Mike McDermott, “and insuring that a teacher can be ‘Sam’ on Monday and ‘Sally’ on Friday is what the democrats choose to make the object of their attentions in the State House. The bill is misguided at best, and destructive at its core.”

The Republicans are making an effort to make bathrooms excepted from this bill as well as other private accommodations where people are disrobed or partially disrobed without the need to create another space for transgenders, but no floor amendments were allowed yesterday when the bill was on Second Reader. It is doubtful that the democrats will allow any changes to the bill today.

The potential outfall and burdens that will be placed upon our businesses and families cannot be fully appreciated. The failure of the House democrats to allow for us to function as a deliberative body so that this legislation can be properly scrutinized is a great injustice to our citizens.

 “The fact that we are even debating this issue on the floor of the General Assembly is disturbing; but the probable passage of this legislation should make every Marylander shake the democrats from their seats” said Delegate McDermott.

The vote will occur around noon today.