Glassman Rejects Cox

Hartford County Executive Barry Glassman and self-described Hogan Republican is the Republican nominee for comptroller. Glassman has disassociated himself from radical insurrectionist Dan Cox, the Republican gubernatorial nominee. He made this clear in a reply on Twitter to Ryan Miner of the A Miner Detail blog and site:

Glassman further made clear in The Daily Record clear that, unlike Cox, he accepts the legitimacy of the 2020 election:

The self-described Hogan Republican acknowledged he has little in common with Cox, though again he didn’t mention him by name.

When asked if being a self-described “Larry Hogan Republican” meant he rejected the Trump-Cox brand of Republicanism, Glassman said: “Yes. The short answer is yes.”

“I’m on the record. The election was valid. It was not stolen. Mike Pence is not a traitor,” said Glassman.

Nothing radical here but that’s the point.

Kudos to Glassman who faces an uphill fight in the comptroller’s race but can hold his high regardless of the outcome.