Top Seventh State Stories, April 2020

By Adam Pagnucco.

These were the top stories on Seventh State in April ranked by page views.

1. IG Investigates “Overtime Scam” in the Fire Department
2. MoCo’s Most Influential, Part Five
3. MoCo’s Most Influential, Part Four
4. MoCo’s Most Influential, Part Seven
5. MoCo’s Most Influential, Part One
6. Liquor Monopoly Truck Crashes in Aspen Hill
7. Council En Masse Sheds Progressive Mantle
8. MoCo’s Most Influential, Part Six
9. Why Would Anyone Want to Build Rental Units in MoCo?
10. Delegates Call on Governor to Cancel Rent, Mortgage Payments

April 2020 will be forever remembered as the month that my sources kicked down the doors and took over the blog. Over and over, their collective judgment on the most influential people in MoCo grabbed eyeballs and riveted readers. What will they be asked next?

But the BIG story was the post about the “overtime scam” in the fire department, which at this writing is one of the top ten most-read stories in the history of Seventh State. This one was a bombshell spawned by an inspector general report about out-of-control overtime spending that has been so far ignored by the press and the politicians aside from one mention in Bethesda Beat. Once the county council wraps up the budget (for the moment anyway), it must investigate this abuse and take action to prevent it from recurring.

More top posts are coming next month!