Dems Gain 3 or 4 in House of Delegates

Right now, Democrats have lost no seats in the House of Delegates. Instead, with nearly all votes counted, Dem. Courtney Watson has beat GOP Del. Robert Flanagan by 14% in Howard District 9B. In Anne Arundel District 30, Busch is easily joined by Alice Cain to pickup the second seat.

In District 8, Democrats didn’t just defeat a wave but turned it back to pickup a second seat. Dem. Del. Eric Bromwell will be joined by Harry Bhandari. Meanwhile, incumbent GOP Del. Joe Cluster is going down to fellow Republican Joseph Boteler, III.

The humdinger this year is in Harford District 34A. Incumbent Dem. Del. Mary Ann Lisanti easily won reelection. Right now, Democrat Steve Johnson leads incumbent Republican Del. Glen Glass by 25 votes with all precincts counted. This one isn’t over but color me surprised that Democrats may pickup a fourth seat here.

Bottom line, the Democratic majority will grow by at least three and possibly four seats in the House of Delegates.