Final Early Vote Statistics by County and Party

The first table shows the percentage of all registered voters who turned out by party affiliation. Overall 16.7% of registered cast ballots during early voting. However, 19.5% of Democrats participated as compared to just 15.4% of Republicans. Just 10.6% of people not affiliated with either major party – independents and people with minor party affiliation – cast ballots.

Talbot ended up where it began with the highest rate of early voters at fully 31.6% of all registered. Do they give away chocolate at the polls in Easton? Clearly, there are no extra incentives in Allegany, which bottoms out the table at 6.2%.

Next up we look at the share of early voters from each party:

In the state as a whole, Democrats comprised 64.1% of early voters, compared to just 23.5% for Republicans. One begins to wonder if Republican public antipathy to early voting discourages their voters from participating even when it exists.

Republicans are outnumbered by unaffiliated voters in the Big Dem 3 of Montgomery, Prince George’s and Baltimore City. Other populous counties also congregate towards the top of the table. In Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Howard and Charles, Democrats formed 51.4%, 65.0%, 60.3% and 70.4% of early voters.

GOP voters outnumbered Democrats in just 9 of the state’s 24 jurisdictions. All are solid Republican bastions located in Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore and much more lightly populated than the heavily Democratic counties.

I hope to have more statistics later today but need to go teach my class on American politics.