Looking for Michele Riley?

By Adam Pagnucco.

Would you like to find information on Council At-Large candidate Michele Riley?  It’s easy.  Just google one of her opponents.

Here’s an example.  Let’s google fellow Council At-Large candidate Jill Ortman Fouse.  See the first result?  It’s Michele Riley’s website!

Let’s try this again and google Evan Glass.  Wow, look at that!  Michele Riley is the first result – again.

This works for a LOT of candidates.  Let’s look up Hans Riemer, Hoan Dang, Ashwani Jain, Bill Conway, Marilyn Balcombe and Chris Wilhelm.  You guessed it – the first result goes straight to Michele Riley.

See folks, this makes us wonder.  We thought there were 33 Democrats running for Council At-Large.  But what if that’s not true?  What if only one person is running – Michele Riley!

It’s gonna be fun to have three special elections for the vacant at-large seats!