A Quick Note on Mailers

By Adam Pagnucco.

In the wake of our printing Evan Glass’s Watchdog mailer, we were promptly contacted by numerous other candidates, including several in his race, asking why their mailers were not also posted.  Rather than respond to more texts and calls than we can answer in a day, let’s respond once here.

We love political mail on Seventh State.  Yes we do!  We put up Glass’s mailer because it was different and we liked it.  Most mail is not different.  Your author has a collection of MoCo political lit going back to 1986 (and a few older ones too).  It’s almost all the same.  “I believe in strong schools!”  “I will fix traffic congestion!”  “New leadership for a new day!”  “Experience you can count on!”  And so on.  There are lots of endorsement logos.  The words “progressive” and “leader” are very common.  It’s all sooooooo safe and predictable.  The only thing that has changed is that in some districts the mail from long ago would sometimes say, “I am the best Democrat to beat the Republicans!”  We wiped out all MoCo GOP office holders in 2006 so that no longer needs to be said.

These candidates want their mail posted.  Would you be willing to pay for an intern who can do it for us?

So if you want us to put up your mail, be interesting.  Be different!  Use a sense of humor.  Stand out.  Say something that other candidates don’t say.  Say something that’s directly relevant to the circumstances of your race rather than blandly generic.  Or if you want to put out a particularly awful piece, we might post that too!

Here’s an example of lit we would definitely put up: Comptroller William Donald Schaefer, 2001.

There is so much more mail coming than we can ever post so we need to pick the good ones – or at least the different ones.  And if you’re not standing out to us, you’re probably not standing out to the voters.